What is a Web Strategy?

April 23, 2008

When I speak to clients – existing or prospective – I need to explain to them what a Web Strategy is. It’s a methodology and a plan to reach the business or organization goals, from an online perspective. Everyone’s goal ultimately is success, but success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. A figure like 2 million pageviews per month might be one person’s goal, while a fraction of that with some successful sales conversions might mean much more to someone else.

When Web Strategywe sit with our clients we try to understand what their industry is like. Who their competitors are. Who their market is. And then we ask questions. Many questions. Weird questions. And then we form a picture. And this picture essentially informs us what our plan should look like – our strategy. My words are over-simplifying a complex process, but that’s it in a nutshell.

A Web Strategy can include online, as well as offline, disciplines. Many things we do offline can help our online initiatives. Many seem to miss that. On the online side there are so many things to do – Social Networking tools and websites, Social Media, Blogging, the list is enormous. We thus try to act a a guide to our clients, showing them which handful-mix would probably work best for them.

For those of you reading this, you probably know what I mean. You probably have some experience or exposure to the vast expansiveness of the Global Village!

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Web 2.0 designed for high growth

April 23, 2008

In at article titled Oh! Web 2.0“Survey of Inc. 500: Fastest growing companies adopt blogging, podcasting and other social media as business tools” it clearly shows a study of high growth companies who are adopting Web 2.0 technologies at an adoption rate more than twice that of the Fortune 500.

This is very interesting, and what I’ve been speaking to people about for months. This survey is really the sort of stats we’ve been needing…

“The social media most familiar to the Inc. 500 is social networking (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) with 42% of respondents claiming to be “very familiar with it.” Other results showed 38% “very familiar” with message/bulletin boards, 36% with blogging, 31% with online video, 30% with podcasting and 16% with wikis.”

“The responses are surprising and will likely shock even the most fervent believer in social media,” Ganim Barnes said. “They indicate that corporate familiarity and usage of social media is racing far ahead of what many have predicted.” Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, director of the center and chancellor professor of marketing, who led the study with Eric Mattson, a blog researcher.

Read the complete article here: http://www.umassd.edu/communications/articles/showarticles.cfm?a_key=1177

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Facebook Chat is here!

April 23, 2008

Facebook Chat Facebook has finally released their very own chat component for the world’s largest social networking website. When I logged into my profile there it was, in the bottom right corner. It was just begging me to click it. But I didn’t. I needed to blog about it first!

As you can see from the screenshot (so easy to do with Apple’s Grab app!), it allows you to chat with whoever of your friends are online. It’s pretty convenient, but at the moment it seems that its confined to the Facebook community. We’ll have to wait and see what the expansion and integration plans are. Google Talk? Jabber? Who knows!

Well, I’m going to have to try it out now…

Facebook overtakes MySpace

April 23, 2008

Facebook has (finally, in my opinion) gained a larger audience than MySpace. Uwe Gutschow has the Alexa graph at http://uweg.typepad.com/uwe_gutschow/2008/04/facebook-moves.html.

Video: Podcasting in Plain English

April 22, 2008

Many people know by now what Podcasting is, but there are still thousands (dare I say millions?!) who don’t. The smart folk at the CommonCraft Show have come up with – yet another – fantastic video to explain the concept.


Is Twitter the new RSS on steriods?

April 22, 2008

I’ve been hesitant to start using Twitter for a long time. I was much the same about Facebook. Now I’m addicted to both! :-) Twitter is a simple and quick way to communicate to friends, family and the rest of the online world in 140 characters (or less). So no long essays, just short snippets. “Going to a meeting” or “Good morning all, getting my first cup of coffee” or “I love Google” etc etc!

People love to share what they’re doing with others. Let the guys at the CommonCraft Show explain it to you…


Follow me on Twitter to see what I’m doing 24 hours a day. Simply click to https://twitter.com/jamaal_jayz.

I’ve been relying a lot on my RSS feeds to keep me ahead of the times and on top of things. But now it seems that Twitter is doing that for me. The people I follow on Twitter are so advanced (well you are guys!) that I can rely on tweets (Twitter messages) to keep me up to date with what’s going on. It’s amazing. RSS I still use, but Twitter does make a big difference to the entire experience. I’m more part of the conversation than ever before, and that’s of course a good thing.

I use a Twitter desktop client called Twhirl, and on my mobile I simply go to m.twitter.com. In Facebook I use an Application called TwitterSync to synchronize my Twitter tweets with my Facebook Status Updates. This is really neat and I’m loving it. Enjoy!

The Macbook Dive

April 22, 2008

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and entered the Apple world. Apple MacBookThe first week I only played with the 13″ Macbook (white, of course), and by the second week I had the Internet up and some programs running. Slowly I started transferring data files from the Dell I was using, and then eventually purchased Office 2008 for Mac. A brilliant suite, but Microsoft made a huge mistake to ditch Outlook and replace it with something they call Entourage. It’s a truly weak program compared to Outlook, which I had become so used to over the last 10 years. With Entourages lack of performance I’m almost ready to switch to Gmail for my main business emails. I use Gmail already but for limited usage.

The Mac definitely is pretty, and the Apple that lights up on the lid always seems to catch everyone’s eye. It’s small and compact, and the battery life is enormous, I don’t think any Windows pc can come close. The model I have lacks a DVD-writer, but it came with slot version of the CD-RW/DVD drive. I still have to get used to the one button mouse below the touch pad, but with a mouse the left and mouse buttons work as they would on a Windows machine.

Before I got hold of the Macbook I bought a 500GB Seagate USB hard drive. It was for backup purposes, and also for transferring all my data from the Dell to the Macbook. All my old data is now sitting on the USB unit, and some I’ve transferred onto the Macbook, but I’ve only just found out that I cannot copy from the Macbook to this 500GB drive – because the latter is formatted in NTFS, a format that a Mac OS can read from but not write too. I’ve seen some complicated solutions to this online, but this article titled “HOWTO – Read/Write to NTFS drives in OS X” seems the best. If anyone else has a better solution please give me a shout!

I’ll keep you informed about my journey on the MacPath.

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My web pages have given up on me…

April 15, 2008

This is my first post in about 3 months. Isn’t that pathetic for someone who teaches people the importance of “frequency” and “amplification” online?! No excuses. I have not had my act together, and today is the day to turn things around.

A lot has been happening at Jayz Internet Solutions and over the following days and weeks I promise to keep you in the loop. Regularly!

Something strange has happened though, and that is that my web pages (like Training, Contact Us, etc) have totally disappeared. They’re not in my WordPress Dashboard at all. It seems as if they’ve given up on me, and went to find a new home somewhere!

Well, it was time to rewrite those pages anyway, so I’ll do that soon. I also need to upgrade to WordPress 2.5 – those of you who have done the upgrade already, please let me know your experiences. Is Ver 2.5 really strong on the CMS side?

It’s good to be back!

(Actually, I think my plugins have taken a hike too…)