FlyingSoloSA – The scary stuff

July 26, 2008

Sarah Rossouw, an accountant for small business, speaks very wisely on accounting and tax matters. She started off saying that after public speaking, most people fear SARS (the South African Receiver of Revenue) most. She asked who has unopened SARS envelopes hidden under other paperwork, and there was much laughter (of guilt?) in the room. She said that the only time you need to fear is after opening the envelope – not before!

Tax and accounting matters are a matter of high interest and concerns to soloists, and many of the people in the room are overloaded with questions. IRP5s, tax returns, PAYE – are all confusing issues for people who are creative thinkers and skilled only in their profession.

People in the room, on the other hand, who have their accountant matters sorted are encouraging others to do the same because of the huge benefits – cost savings, stress relief, and business growth!

Sarah also discussed implications of business entities, especially Close Corporations – and she says that most freelancers have no need to register as a CC, because it complicates things anyway.

One of the questioners also commented that his accountant fees were lower than what the same accountant got back for him from SARS! Wow! Another commented that it’s totally worth the money to get an accountant.

FlyingSoloSA – First Session

July 26, 2008

The first session of FlyingSoloSA is done. I have been taking photos and video, and its been a bit intense to say the least! :) It’s not the sort of event I’m used to. One or two people are staring at laptop screens, and I’m used to seeing 50 people in a room staring at their screens. Rafiq has just arrived though, so at least I’m not the only one that’ll be blogging here. :)

FlyingSoloSA is for soloists, entrepreneurs, and freelancers and we have quite a dynamic crowd here today. Photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, and others particularly in the creative space. We’ve covered introductions, the overview of the day, and also a lucky draw for vouchers at 210 Long Creative Suites, the biggest sponsor of the day – see

The first coffee break is up, so watch this space for more updates later…


July 25, 2008

For those not yet in the know, there is a superb unConference kicking off in Cape Town tomorrow. It’s called FlyingSoloSA and it’s being organized by Pam Sykes and Jo Duxbury (of Many of you will know about Jo because I’ve written about her here, here, and here.

FlyingSoloSA is a one-day unConference where solo entrepreneurs and freelancers can meet and participate in a facilitated forum to share experiences and tips, ask questions, get answers, network with other soloists, and explore potential collaborations.

The Cape Town event is tomorrow (July 26), and the Jozi event is on September 13. Sign up on the Wiki if you have not already:

Check this little promotional video we did yesterday. Please leave a comment to let us know what you think! :)

Please check this blog tomorrow because I’ll be blogging live and posting more photos and videos covering this event!