What site is this?

October 5, 2009 by Jamaal 

Flickr_BreakfastRecently I was invited to give a talk on Social Media and particularly Facebook. The talk was for a business network, and it was at their weekly breakfast meeting. Normally my assistant does complete SMC (Social Media Coverage) of all my talks – including photos and video footage. This was a small talk though, so I went alone, with only my digital camera. Just before my talk I kindly asked the fellow next to me to snap a few shots of me during my presentation. He did so, and perfectly. Then I took some more shots of the rest of the event.

At the end, the event organizer asked me to email the photos to her because she had forgotten her camera at home that morning. I did send her the photos, but not via email. I sent her a link to the photoset on Flickr. Photos of all our events go up on both Flickr and Facebook. Facebook is excellent for exposure and attention, but Flickr is better for sharing.

Flickr keeps all photos at the resolution it was taken (and we always take photos at a very high resolution), and allows you to share those photos with anyone, while also automatically offering the user 5 additional photo sizes to download. This is extremely handy. When sharing photos it’s easier to share them online, because you might end up emailing the photos to a number of people, repeating the same task, and extending your bandwidth usage, unnecessarily. It’s also a good repository of photos if you ever need them when you’re away from your computer, or if you ever lose your originals. Although Facebook has a bigger tally of photos, the fact that it decreases the resolution of every single photo can sometimes be inadequate because most times we need high resolution photos.

When I sent the lady the email with the Flickr link, she was amazed at the site, and emailed back saying, “What site is this?” This was another reminder of how we in the Web industry take for granted the tools that we use everyday. I don’t believe that Web 2.0 is hype. I believe that Web 2.0 is extremely valuable to everyone in the world. We can do so many things now that were literally impossible a few years ago. I think we’ve taken big leaps in many areas – communication, marketing, productivity, and others.


2 Responses to “What site is this?”

  1. Khalil Aleker on October 20th, 2009 13:54

    Nice one Jamaal – :) True!

  2. Jamaal on October 20th, 2009 21:12

    Thanks Khalil :)

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