Is Social Media really for you?

April 19, 2011 by Jamaal 

Experts OnlyLike anything that is hot and trendy, Social Media has seen people jumping on the bandwagon just to make a quick buck or a quick headline. Unfortunate, but true. I see the ‘wannabes’ all too often. And they actually manage to find some clients – yet it’s clear that they don’t have deep insights into Social Media. I am a Social Media Expert, if I may say so myself. And there are a number of us. We live Social Media. Day in and day out. We’re using the Social Media tools. We’re tasting the bitter and sweet tastes of this new revolution. Yet, we’re very nervous to call ourselves “Experts” or “Gurus” – and I will only do so here because this is my own blog. There has been a bad stigma surrounding those titles, because every other person suddenly became an “Expert” and a “Guru” – they made it bad for everyone who really deserved those titles. They are the bad apples. Bad apples are everywhere. Unfortunate, but true.

I found a real interesting post called Get Real Time: 44 Signs Social Media Is NOT Working for You. The post is intended to be funny, and I thought it was, but I also found some solids truths in it.

These are some of my favourite points:

4. You can’t remember the last time you got a lead online.
5. 95% of your leads are still coming from the chamber and local meetup groups.
8. You can’t understand why those other agencies are wasting time on plans and objectives? Why aren’t they tweeting and Facebooking for their clients?
14. Sales conversion funnel, what’s that again?
17. You have 500 likes on your Facebook business page but don’t know any of them because they won’t talk to you.
19. You have a blog but only write in it quarterly. Even when you did you just copied someone else’s work and added a link hoping nobody would notice and think it was yours.
20. You have resorted to asking your son & his best friend to retweet your content.
21. You have bribed your mom grandma, and great aunt Martha to login to Facebook once a week and like everything on your Facebook page
22. You could tweet with your eyes closed and sing Karaoke at the same time but can’t pay your rent.
23. 95% of your clients are either related to you or could fall in the category of BFF (best friend forever).
24. A lead with a budget? What’s that?
25. If you build client websites none of then have a sales conversion funnel either.
26. Your website knows how to tweet and you thought that would be enough.
27. You didn’t know you had to talk to your fans after the like! Why won’t they just buy something?
39. You haven’t changed or updated your web content in a year. It’s not needed as it must be working with all those followers you have.
42. You don’t understand why so many people spend money on their brand. Who cares if all the colors look the same. Social media is all about conversation anyway.

You can read the complete list here.

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