Jamaaludeen Khan is the Founder and CEO of Jayz Internet Solutions. He has a decade of experience in building websites and forming online communities. He is passionate about the Internet, and about the possibilities now available through Web 2.0 technologies.

Being a people’s person, he very much enjoys public speaking and delivering seminars and workshops. He speaks at networking events, unConferences, and other events (across the country) on Web 2.0 and Social Media topics. When not on stage, he blogs, writes articles for magazines, and talks on radio about the Web. He has a firm commitment to contributing to people’s understanding of what can be achieved online, and this has earned him a huge reputation globally, with numerous added bonuses such as being written about on blogs in South Africa and as far as California, and also securing international business. Jamaal has also appeared in the Cape Argus as well as the Sunday Tribune newspapers.

“…Jamaaludeen…is one of the few people who can successfully explain Web 2.0 concepts, and how we should be using them….A natural-born teacher, Jamaal combines some great audio-visual material, personal anecdotes and tips about reference material to check out….” – Vanessa Clark (www.twokats.com)

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Here are a few videos of Jamaal in action…

Jamaal is not all too fascinated by technology on it’s own. He sees great value in combining it with knowledge about human behaviour and psychology. To this end he is a keen follower of the works of Dr Stephen R Covey, Dr John Demartini, Anthony Robbins, and Dr Robert Cialdini. When it comes to strategic business thinking in a Web 2.0 world, Seth Godin is his man of choice.

Here are two photos of Jamaal and part of his team with Dr John Demartini (2009):

He is part of the steering group of FlyingSoloSA, a nationally-acclaimed unConference for entrepreneurs and freelancers. He also assists on numerous public and private online projects (internationally), gladly sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Jamaal is also a student Islamic Law. He is 31 years old, and loves adventure sports, Apple gadgets, and reading.

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